11th of September – a gusty cold day and a way to keep your feet warm

We are bracing ourselves for a hurricane here on the westerly outposts of Europe, Katia. I don’t think the south east of Ireland will bear the brunt of said storm but it will no doubt get windy and wet. I had a homely day processing some ten kilos of apples into pulp to make must for this years first batch of apple wine. I also washed/shrunk/felted the monster socks I knitted two nights ago and they came out rather nicely.


I used up most of the left over wool I had already been using for my first knitting attempts last autumn. I doubled up the yarn to make it thick enough to be turned into slippers and then just knitted a regular sock pattern.

It’s cold enough to wear these around the house now, pity they are still too wet from the wash for me to wear. :-P

I’m wondering if I could go into business with these, what do you think, would there be a market?

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  1. amy says:

    They look rather comfy … i say give it a try! I am interested in a pair! I did not know hurricanes hit Ireland. Hope it is not too bad.

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