7th of October – fibers on friday

Would you believe, our local supermarket had felting wool in the seasonal specials section. Knitting for felting isn’t something I would imagine is extremely popular here but you never know…. Needless to say I cashed in the offers and when a little bit overboard with a total of 6 packs of 4 balls of 50g each. That’s effectively 6 pairs of felt slippers or 6 tote bags or 12 hats or 6 pairs of oven gloves or 1 short felt jacket?? There are endless possibilities…

Today I would like to share the latest progress on my fingerless gloves, the ones I started last week. I decided to learn and do about cable patterns. I started one swirl on the back of the hand of my first glove and then I chickened out. I kind of like it like that, minimal, and enough experimenting for my first try.

Here the beginning of the thumb section:

And here the glove itself:

I found the instructions on how to do cables online and it turned out ok. I hope I can match this one with the one on the other hand. I should have taken notes as I was knitting to be able to recreate the same pattern, I’ll just have to count out the stitches when the time comes, here a detail:

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3 Responses to “7th of October – fibers on friday”

  1. I have just been knitting to felt. I used to do loads, but I’ve been on a lace stint of late. I needed some new felted slippers, so of course in order to fill up the washing machine I have to knit lots of bags and purses etc in order to be economical ;-)

    • forward tumble says:

      lol go shopping then! Its a discounter that has stores in the uk, too! and maybe Thursdays bargain deals are still available in your local branch. :-)

  2. Beth says:

    Nice! I love the little cabled blurb :-) I really, really, really need to get into cables….it’s been on my to-do list for WAYYYYY too long!

    PS. I’m going to re-launch Turning Heels in the New Year again. Second Annual!! Only this time, it’s SWAP TIME!!

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