a bit about me and my blogs

forward tumble – that’s what my life feels like at times.

I’ve been blogging since 2006 and my blog world has expanded into four main directions. I maintain a blog which is about my son, Fionn, a blog about my vegetable gardening in my poly tunnel, and the predecessor of this blog, forward tumble, about all sorts of things I suppose it just about life in general. In January 2010 I took on the creative everyday challenge and I now have another blog for that.

I’ve decided to pull all four blogs together into one, this is it, well, the beginning of it. Enjoy your stay.

3 Responses to “a bit about me and my blogs”

  1. Laura says:

    I look forward to visiting your new blog :)

  2. Fenix says:

    Hey Ines!

    Long time no chat! i just uploaded a poem to my blog and thought of you, so here i am saying hello =D

    Miss you! I have lots to catch up on!

    Keep well, give my love to the family.

  3. pierre m says:

    Hey Ines! I couldn’t find your mail but by leaving a reply I suppose you’ll get the mail address, right? I didn’t know you had this blog. I was blogging, myself, since about 1993 and gave it up back in about 2002 approx.

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