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heads and other body parts

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

I was looking at Graham’s blogs today. He made this stunning looking head (a while back in June). You can see it it here. I used to make puppets, many moons ago. Graham’s head sculpture reminded me of those and that I used to sculpture body parts / heads from different modelling masses, either bought or homemade stuff that simply dried if you let it sit (i.e. didn’t need firing). I used to use the dust from my belt sander in the carpentry workshop and mix it with wallpaper glue and wood glue, makes an excellent nearly free modelling mass.  I still have a good few unfinished pieces (and some finished ones, too, in a box somewhere…) and I thought I’d share a few of them here.

It’s funny how you forget and then you see someone else work and you remember stuff you used to do.

the jester – this little piece is about 3″ high the head was hollowed out so it wouldn’t crack when drying, the top of the head would have been completed in the next stage, and then maybe a hat or hair or both….

these hands were made from wood dust, they would have been sanded a bit next and then painted etc…