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bliss – finding happiness in the now

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Today I experienced total bliss. Actually, I experienced an entire day of total bliss, which by some magic coincidence also happens to be the longest day of the year, in the happiness that comes your way when you live in the now.

Maybe it was the blue sky was blue outside my bedroom window I woke up to.
Maybe it was the spectacular sunrise and that started me off on a good note.
Maybe it was the love and friendship I have today and everyday in my house with my husband.
Maybe it was the swallow that flew into the house and fluttered around the hallway and sat next to me on the banister that brought the magic into the day.
Maybe it was the feel of the sun and the wind on my skin all day.
Maybe it was the joy I find in my chores in the garden.
Maybe it was the taste homemade food and the barbecued vegetables for lunch AND dinner.
Maybe it was the warmth of the patio slabs on my feet as the evening went cool and the heat was still radiating from the stones.
Maybe it was the good luck to get a bargain at the pet food counter for our cats that saved me over 25 %.
Maybe it’s because I know I will sleep peacefully tonight tired from all the days activities and events.

Maybe it was all these and all the other little bits I’m to tired to write down now but that I cherish as my little normal day pleasures that made this day a truly blissful day, right here, right now. I am thankful and I value and recognize the beauty in today. It was very easy on such a beautiful day like today.

I celebrated summer solstice. I celebrated living.

I took some pictures at sunrise.

(Sorry, this one was taken by J.)