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life – lost

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

life is a subject that stirs all kinds of emotions within me, mostly happy feelings and excitement about being alive and appreciating for all that I am and that I can do but at times I also feel fear and sadness. I believe that’s quite normal especially when I start browsing other people’s musing and art related to this month’s theme.

Life is so close to death or better life’s presence and existence is magnified when we experience death in our own lives.

I lost my only child two years ago. His death is one of the main reasons why I find myself right here, today, painting, gardening, writing, blogging and ultimately living the life I live today. The loss of a life has shaped my life profoundly and the art that has emerged in the last year has him entwined, he is the golden shimmer in my paintings, the secret thread in my crafting, the words between the lines in my writing, the magic spark in my photos.

He died but he is also still with me, in me. And what he has brought into my life is expressed in what I do now. He is a life lost from this world in body but not in presence.

Here is to you, my dear little boy, Fionn. I celebrate your short life and thank you for what you bring to me. I love you and will continue to love you every day for the rest of my life.

Fionn – driftwood