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30th of November – little bird with a big name

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

I’ve decided to take the evening off and sorted through the photographs taken yesterday. I painted another picture and posted some more photos (two posts) on forward tumbles main blog if you like to see more of yesterday’s take.

parus major – watercolour 6″x6″ (15×15cm)

The great tit (parus major) is very small and it makes me wonder how he came to get the big name. They seem to like the peanuts best. There is usually at least one of these little birds hanging off the bird feeder hanging outside our kitchen window. They are rather fearless, I can stand 3 feet away from the feeder outside and they keep picking at the nuts.
I can see them all day even with the strong winds and blustery snow showers and I love to have them in my garden. I will make sure they wont go hungry on my watch this winter.