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6th of September – photos of a mug which shows what I’ve been doing

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

This place has been silent for nearly 3 months. Blogs can be difficult to maintain when you’re overwhelmingly busy with the daily chores and projects to get a house and garden in order. This places has been neglected for more than five years and every time you open a door or dig a hole or something like that, you find yourself sidetracked into whatever you find underneath behind it and what you thought you started out to do tends to turn into a much bigger project.

So where have I been, what have I been doing? I spend a large part of my time in the garden, setting up the beds for my vegetable garden. It required a lot of ground work, clearing, digging, turning soil, cutting back growth, digging up roots, it seemed like a shear never ending chore which turned out to be more than laborious, it was a trudge and at times really dragged me down wanting to give up and nearly suffocated my determination and motivation. But it’s done and I’m chuffed with the outcome and every single tomato I harvest is a little personal victory.

I was so involved in the garden that I had very little time to do much else and when I did do anything else it was usually very closely connected to that garden business. I set up an ins.tag.ram account and twi.tt.ered the many mile stones in the garden in pictures… And while I was away in Berlin I longed to be home, so much so that I went to one of my favorite paint ceramic shops to put-on-mug what preoccupied me for the nine days I was away. It is peculiar to confess to be urban without making use of the opportunity to sketch… But that’s just the way it is at the moment. I just didn’t have the desire to do any urban sketching.

The weather has changed over the last couple of days. There is a real chill in the air, the colours are turning to yellow, brown and gray. The first autumn gale force winds are howling around the house and I find myself indoors wanting to be outside but it’s rather wild out there with fantastic sound effects around this new home on a hill of ours.

Rach saw my tweets and photos and asked me how I painted the mug.

I sketched a rough outline with pencil on the blank white (biscuit fired) mug and then used ceramic paint provide in the shop/cafe. It’s hard to predict the outcome for anything you paint because in their unfired form the paints look rather different. Also it’s difficult to know how the levels of transparency or colour saturation work out because that all depends on the amount of pigments you lay down with each brush stroke. As a guide, you need three coats of paint to get a consistent cover. I did one coat of paint on the sky for example, one for the leaves of the bushes to the left and right of the tunnel but two for the lower sections taking care to make my brush strokes consistent with the image I wanted to create. This was a complete experiment but I’m happy with the way it turned out.



So while I haven’t been very artistic-creative, I have created a lot over the summer. I’ve even started knitting again and am currently working on a pair of felt slippers from yarn leftovers. I’ll post about those as soon as I have something to show.

And other creative art news, I have started reading “the Artist’s Way” by J. Cameron. I really enjoy the book though I am making very slow progress. If you’ve worked with or through that book I’d love to hear how you got on and am also still looking for others to join me reading, doing the exercises and reviewing the chapters with someone else, it could be fun and would certainly give me an extra bit of motivation to keep at it.

For me it’s currently all about managing my time and finding my way through all the things I want to do and prioritizing for the most urgent and time sensitive tasks. I am content in doing something every day and leaving a lot of things for “tomorrow”. There is only so much I can do. I am happy for the autumn to come and hope to update the blogs on a more frequent basis. I don’t know if or who reads here and at times it does feel like talking into the great void. But that’s quite alright. :-)