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16th of December – lino printing

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Christmas is a-coming and the cards are arriving in our letterbox. There aren’t many and maybe my love-hate relationship with Christmas cards has finally taken it’s toll. I don’t like buying them and am often completely unorganised about meeting the post-by-deadlines. As a result, not many people receive Christmas cards from us. Sorry. I really am.

Unfortunately this year is no different, I’m again finding myself last minute considering, writing list, crafting, posting. There is only one difference to previous years. This time around I have the necessary tools and equipment and I bought lino paint (in the spring!) and have even less of an excuse not to do this.

So I did. :-)

the second one is just a test to see how different the lino ink is on actual lino. I’ve edited the photo a bit to make it that bit more interesting (on the left side is the lino and the right is the actual print)