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18th of November – traveling turtle

November 18th, 2010 at 21:07

I’ve spent a large part of today researching for my novel. It was rather interesting, I spent hours on go.ogl.em.aps looking at different locations. One of the characters in my book is traveling and I needed to get at least some basic idea of the geography of the area I’m think of sending her to visit. But there is only so much virtual travel you can do for it is surprisingly tiring even though I haven’t moved off my chair.
So, when I came back home I wanted to do something solid and simple. I took out a biggish pebble (2.5 ” across) from my collection box and sat down to carve a turtle. I have a small collection of turtles made from all sorts of different materials ranging from brass, glass, silver, ceramic, clay, wood, plastic even two stone ones I picked up during my travels over 10 years ago. Turtles, regardless of the material they are made from, aren’t something you pick up at your local country/craft market in Ireland. They are just a bit too exotic and not exactly native to these latitudes.

traveling turtle – carved in beach pebble (6cm/2.5″ across)

Maybe my turtle, a creature that moves rather slowly and this one being carved in stone is literally frozen in time, is the antidote to the virtual miles I clocked up on stre.etv.iew today.

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5 Responses to “18th of November – traveling turtle”

  1. nicole piar Says:

    oh my god! this is the cutest thing. how did you carve the rock? this is a true pet rock.

  2. Amy Says:

    I love the turtle! He looks like the little fella that is forever on my ankle…. a spur of the moment decision when I was 19. Good thing I still am fond of turtles I guess. Anyway, this is a fabulous carving – good job!

  3. Mary Says:

    What a great turtle carving! My daughter used to catch painted turtles and release them at the lake in the summer. They are wonderful to see. Every once in a blue moon you see a turtle or tortoise crossing a back road here in New England.

  4. Paula - Buenos Aires Says:

    Wow! Very neat.

  5. forward tumble Says:

    hey Nicole
    Thanks for your comment and the compliment. Pet rock, yes!
    I use my rotary drill tool to carve into the pebbles, I posted about my set-up at the beginning of this year, have a look at the archives.

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