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19th of November – rook

November 19th, 2010 at 7:14

Corvus frugilegus or rook is a species in the crow family. We have a lot of all sorts of crows in Ireland, most of them are in the 20-most-widespread-garden-birds category according to Bird Watch Ireland.
Crows do like hanging out in our garden, not just rooks, but black hooded crows, ravens, magpies and others, too. In the mornings you can usually watch them around the puddles in the potholes of our driveway. I like crows, they are a birds with attitude. I’ve seen a black hooded crow once teasing and chasing a hare in the field next to our house. It was quite a spectacle. Don’t worry nobody got hurt.

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5 Responses to “19th of November – rook”

  1. Mo Davies Says:

    We have heaps of crows here in Australia, and I love them. They are so clever and yes, have so much attitude. The one you’ve painted looks as if it’s thinking: “Okay, what mischief can I get up to today!”.

  2. Marie Young Says:

    I heard that crows are extremely intelligent. Researchers have found that they can remember the face of someone who threatened them years after the event and send out a warning if they see that face again. Very nice work!

  3. TKPiatek Says:

    He is just all about his crowness. Very nice

  4. B @ Sweet Limes Says:

    I didn’t know the rook was in the crow family, but it makes sense. My uncle had a pet crow once, it was so cool.

  5. Bobbi Says:

    Love him! Corvids are one of my favorite subject matter:)

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