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22nd of November – starlings at the feeder

November 22nd, 2010 at 19:13

We have a bird house three feeders attached to a piece of wood on a post outside our back window. So when I’m standing at the kitchen sink I can see the birds 2 meters away from where I am standing in full action. It’s not exactly a sit down dinner harmony amongst them, I can tell you that. The starlings usually arrive ten or more at time and the smaller birds, wren, robin and tits usually keep a safe distance. There are only three things that can disperse a horde of starlings:
1.) me or another human stepping out onto the back patio
2.) a crow in close proximity
3.) one of the cats

I don’t have a zoom lens so I can’t take any great photographs unfortunately. But I thought I could draw what I witness. I took a very blurry picture which helped me paint this:

acrylic on paper – sketchbook
My self critic says composition ok but it’s halfway between an attempt to go more abstract and a lot more not so well executed realistic elements.
Bottom line I’m not that happy with this. I have something else in mind really, some kind of mad flutter in dark colours with the red background for the energy that I perceive when I watch them in their frenzy. I’m afraid to mess it up further. But somehow this isn’t working for me yet and I don’t really know what to do next.

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3 Responses to “22nd of November – starlings at the feeder”

  1. Amy Says:

    I think you captured the motion and frenzy really well. That is what I felt the moment I saw this. I can feel the wings flapping even! I like it.

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  3. Kara aka MotherHenna Says:

    Process. Isn’t it the weirdest thing? I can totally FEEL what you were seeing — and feel your frustration that what hit the paper isn’t exactly what the little gray cells in the head are conjuring! I hate it when that happens. Sometimes when it happens to me, I can scan the piece, and then take it into PS and mess with it via my digital tablet. Still that might not get me where I wanted, but might give a few different feelings and such. I don’t know, but for some reason, I don’t feel so scared about messing with it more digitally — I think because there is the “undo” button in a way you don’t have on paper, you know? Art on and thank you for sharing what unfolds for you!! xoxo k-

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