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27th of November – memory lane

November 27th, 2010 at 11:30

I don’t collect many things, other than rocks from the beach that is! Though, come to think of it, there is a collection of art materials such as pens, paint brushes, paints and various art tools in my house. I did buy a lot of these things without really ever using them for many many years, so I did have a quite a collection. But I’m not sure these things can be called collections anymore, they might have been before I started making use of them, but not now. So there really isn’t much that I can say that I collect.

No wait! There are the turtles sitting on my studio windowsill. That is a real collection. But I also have an old shoebox full of photo postcards I found the other night tidying. I used to buy a lot of postcards just to keep, so I do actually have another collection besides the turtles. I like old black and white photography in particular photographs of everyday lives and peoples faces. And sometimes these old cards even remind me of the shops or market stalls I bought them at, or the particular time of my life when I bought them. Some of my friends noticed my fascination with these kind of cards and they started to buy and send them to me, too.

I love the way some of my favorite artists and fellow art bloggers, one of them being Evelyn who also sketches and paints just everyday things, tend to paint and sketch people they see on the road, in cafés and other places. I’m positively in awe to see how amazing their artwork is and how well they capture this human everyday life I can also find in my photo postcard collection.

Today I want to share a watercolour painting I did based on a black and white photograph from the postcard collection I found during my clean-up . The setting in the painting is similar to the photo with the two girls strolling down a path heading into the woodland, but not quite the same. This is what I see when I look at the photo.

best friends – watercolour 7×6 (18×15cm)

These the colours I picture in my mind and the flowers in the girls hand and on the meadow are in my mind, too.

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7 Responses to “27th of November – memory lane”

  1. Gumnut Says:

    This is lovely. I adore the subtle shades of green and blue and how you’ve worked them together to make such a vibrant forest background and the simple flowers emanate contentment. And of course the figures at the focus of the painting are ‘best friends’.

    A great piece of work. Thanks for sharing.

    (via AEDM)

  2. tammy vitale Says:

    This makes me think of childhood friends heading into the woods of life – not knowing where they’re going but going together. Very nice!

  3. xinme Says:

    Wow — I am in awe of YOUR work! What a lovely painting. You’ve done an amazing job of capturing a sweet moment.

    Happy AEDM!

  4. Judy Hartman Says:

    This really looks like a memory or daydream – a very lovely watercolor!

  5. Bobbi Says:

    That looks like such a wonderful and peaceful place to be. Very lovely!

  6. sherry Says:

    Love your picture…so peaceful.

  7. anne Says:

    Really lovely and evocative!

    And I like how you thought about what you do and don’t collect, leading up to the inspiration for this painting. Fun to come along on your train of thought!

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