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28th of November – morning (de)light

November 28th, 2010 at 19:30

Today will be my first AEDM post without anything “productive” as in I didn’t make anything. Today, I woke up to a garden buried in 4 inches of fluffy, white, powdery snow. And it was such a delight, I spent hours in pure excitement and joy, in the house, looking out of every window positively charged with delight. I went outside every 15 minutes for no other reason than pleasure, shoveling snow (something I haven’t done in over 20 years and never ever before in Ireland), throwing snowballs at nobody other than happy ghosts and spirits accompanying me on my happy solitary play. I took 158 photographs and that is all I have to show for, today.

Two of those I’d like to share with you.

That’s the view from the windows of our upstairs landing. I had already been out and down the driveway to see if there were any tracks in the snow other than mine. There were loads of bird tracks and not much else.
There is a sheer endless spectrum of blue from nearly white to almost charcoal. But I also found the tiniest bit of red.

Today I collected for my creative muse, impressions, colours, ideas and energy.

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2 Responses to “28th of November – morning (de)light”

  1. Jenny Blair Says:

    158 photos?!! That is fairly impressive :)
    What beautiful photos! Are they your footprints that can be seen out the window?! I like how they wind into the distance :)
    We have been inundated with snow too and I still get the child- like squeals of excitement when wakening to see the white blanket covering all that we know! Magical!

  2. dthaase Says:

    what a marvelous day!

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