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air – octahedron

December 2nd, 2010 at 6:00

Following on yesterdays post and my crash course on Greek philosophy, I learned air is associated with the octahedron according to Plato, that’s what wiki said anyway.* I knew very little about octahedra except they must have something to do with the number eight. Turns out an octahedron is a three dimensional body conjoining eight triangles of equal outside lengths (equilateral). Bit like a cube where squares make up the 6 sides except in the case of an octahedron it’s triangles making eight sides.

And I looked at the shape and was reminded of an art lesson from about 25 years ago. We had to paint transparencies. It’s a lovely exercise.
I thought, yay, how about a transparent octahedron?

octahedron – watercolour on card 5.5″x3.5″ (14×9cm)

When I was finished I had turned the paper around so many times I didn’t know which side was up anymore. So I added the name under each of the four right hand corners. It works! try it out sometime, it makes you see the shape much better, too.

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