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a card and another couple of ornaments

December 17th, 2010 at 14:38

I feel a little bit deflated after the AEDM. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s also the madness around Christmas, but I’m really not that busy, so I’m not sure why I haven’t been as creative as in November. I made some more Christmas ornaments and a card. I should really make a whole stack of cards. It is the season for cards, here in Ireland the postal services go insanely busy because everybody sends out cards to everyone. You can even buy stamps cheaper by the dozen. But I’m lagging behind on my Christmas cards. As a matter of fact I haven’t sent out one single card yet (except for the ones that went out with the ornaments I blogged about a few days ago).

We got our tree early this year (I prefer to leave putting up the Christmas tree until the day before Christmas as was the tradition when I grew up). We put it up in the hallway yesterday but it still needs to be decorated which is one of the things I want to do today. It’s a big tree over 10 feet, we were hoping for 20 but the very tall ones were all sold out. it’s a big event decorating because it really does take two people. j is still too busy so I’ve only really done the lower branches. But I will take a few pictures when it’s done.

Today I want to share the one and only card I made so far and the other ornaments I made alongside the ones I made for the art swap I took part in. The card is a print on white card. I glued sparkly stars at the top of the x-mas trees and mounted the whole thing on heavy coloured card. They are very simple and easy to reproduce. I just have to do it! :-P

I sent an ornament I made to my friend Rachel for her daughter Lyra. It wasn’t a part of any swap, just a gift.

I made another ornament as a gift for my friend Angie, in memory of her daughter, Maya.


Other than that, I’ve started knitting! But I’ve decided not blog about knitting or photography here but to post my fibers-on-friday blog posts on my main forward tumble site. I also started to take more photographs and again decided to post about those, in particular the marco-monday posts on the forward tumble site as well. Maybe that is another reason, why it’s gone a little bit quiet here.

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One Response to “a card and another couple of ornaments”

  1. Amy Says:

    I feel the same way. November was a creative month and I’v fizzled out for December. Or, my posting has fizzled. I am really enjoying photography lately, but feel I may overwhelm or bore with all the pictures I take. And I’ve not mailed any cards other than those that went out with the ornaments. Sigh. Good intentions but where is the motivation?

    I love all the ornaments you made and the cards are very cute!

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