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written in stone

January 12th, 2010 at 13:26

footprint on a beach pebble – carved

It’s written in stone – that makes it pretty permanent.


After smoldering things into driftwood, I tried myself at carving into stone today. I used a >rotary tool< (that’s what it says on the box) it’s a little drill and sounds exactly like the one the dentist uses when working on teeth -yikes! And I’ve done a little footprint. Like with many other things I’m doing at the moment, my mind drifts off to people, places, events. While working on this footprint I mainly thought of one and then two people. So, I’ve decided to give this one away! To that person. I hope she likes it. It’s the first one ever, so it’s not exactly perfect. But I might get better at it, as i go along. Practice makes perfect?? Maybe. At least I’m not a dentist.


3 Responses to “written in stone”

  1. after iris Says:

    Oh how brilliant, Ines. You are so clever. x

  2. Barbara Says:

    Ooh lovely!

    I have a "rotary" type tool for my jewellery. What do you use for the stone carving? I may have to have a go!

  3. forwardtumble Says:

    umm, the bits in the box??!

    My rotary tool is from a german supermarket chain (starting with L) I picked it up maybe 2 years ago and "found" it the other day in one of our boxes. It comes with about 10 different drill tips and some more for polishing and sanding (which I haven't tried yet…), the ones I mainly use are metal tips. Does that answer you question?

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