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CED 2011 – week one

January 7th, 2011 at 22:57

This first week of the CED 2011 is very different from last year. This time last year I was incredibly motivated, possibly because being creative everyday was a brand new challenge I took on and I must have had a lot of pent up energy which simply seemed to release like flood waters pouring out of a burst dam or something. It resulted in me learning to express myself, I said it somewhere before, it was like speaking a whole new language to let my inner voice speak though a variety of different creative media. This year I am very slow to start. An entire week has gone by without me posting anything substantial. I want to craft, art, paint, potter but there is zilch to blog about. Maybe it’s because it’s a case of I want instead of I do. That sounds like good conclusion.
Wanting to do something doesn’t always equate in doing something. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Some people might want to loose weight, but doing it, loosing weight is something completely different.
Having said that, I think sometimes you can do a lot of things without having any visible progress. Planning, dreaming and visualizing are important precursors to many bigger projects. Is that what it is this week? Is this first week of CED just thinking and dreaming about things I would like to do?
Another possibility could be that some things just take a lot of time. Fermenting wine is an excellent example for that, it just takes time, it’s slow. You got to have patience.

With me? I’m not sure what the case is in this, my last week. I’d like to believe it is case of mental planning, because I do like progress, I like productivity no matter how slow. But I’m not sure for there is a certain sensation of procrastination within me. Sigh.

Let’s take stock:
I have posted a photo of my latest sock on the main blog, but, really, it’s not fit for the purpose of a CED post. These socks or better, the sock (for there is only one sock so far and I do think I should really make a second one even though I’m not that motivated just now) is what I would refer to as slow progress. You spend hours and hours and hours and hours and hours knitting socks.

Two days ago I spent an evening with a friend learning how to do some pottery on the wheel. On this, my second session, I managed to make a bowl from regular (non-home crafted) clay after not succeeding with the clay from the garden. I am only learning how to use a wheel which as you might know, if you’ve done any pottery yourself, is steep learning curve. I have just about managed to center my clay and am now starting to wobble my clay into some kind of bowl shape. On my previous try everything I tried eventually just collapsed into some wet mush. It’s a lot of fun, but, well, if you’ve never tried it yourself, take my word for it, it’s NOT easy.
As as a result of the pottery session two days ago, I finally ran out of my own handmade clay. So yesterday, I decided to “harvest” some more raw material from the garden. I am chuffed because I managed to dig up a whole load of clay yesterday, dissolved and filtered it last night and started to dry it off over night. I might even get to turn some of it into a cup or bowl when I get back to the pottery wheel tonight.

So I haven’t been idle, no, still I’m not satisfied because there is nothing visible. I am a bit restless, too, which doesn’t bear well for the pottery session tonight. I do hope tonight’s pottery will turn into some bit of solid creative results, even if it’s wobbly. I could do with that. Wish me luck and stay tuned, I promise I will be more upbeat on my return.

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  1. Tracy Says:

    Learning pottery is definitely on my bucket list! This is my first year doing ced and I’m looking forward to amping up the creative flow. I know aedm was amazing.

    And as one of those people that don’t or can’t knit – I’d love to see the sock. :) I think it counts as being creative.


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