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10th of January – wine label

January 10th, 2011 at 13:49

I just posted this post with the title 10th of December – it seems my subconscious hasn’t made it into the new year yet. i wonder why… well, I’ve just corrected it to January. Here we go:

I’ve tried out my new lino print set. It doesn’t have a great selection of knifes. Just big and even bigger :-P . But due to popular demand, that is our wine has turned out very popular, we’ve given away about two thirds of the bottles of our first batch and have promised more to various friends. Because we were able to get our hands on more apples we’ve made another 2 dozen bottles of apple wine and they should really all get a label. So I thought, I better get cracking at making some. These are try-outs, I don’t have proper ink, I thought once I have a roller things would get easier with the printing, but I really need to get some lino ink because the acrylic is neither rich nor sticky enough.

I will also revise my lay-out and design because I would like the label to work, without any colour and I want it to be more lino-print like. So, this really is a trial AND error because it doesn’t work for me just yet.

Oh and before I go, a photo of the vase or flower pot that turned into a cup since it got a handle.

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4 Responses to “10th of January – wine label”

  1. Susan Says:

    Wonderful wine:) Love the labels!

  2. Julie Jordan Scott Says:

    Oh, these labels AND the cup are spectacular. You are inspiring me today!

  3. Deb Clandening Says:

    Lovely labels. Awesome cup. Lino printing and pottery are are on my lifes to learn list.

  4. Skytimes Says:

    One of my dreams has always been to design a wine label one day. And I absolutely love the way yours turned out. Makes a yummy wine even more appealing. Well done (also the lovely cup).


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