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17th of January – night sky

January 17th, 2011 at 23:10

The word cosmos, our current monthly theme, makes me think if stars. My last post featured a stone carving of one star. I’ve been thinking about night skies and have been pondering over how to make the pictures in my head come out with the materials I have. I tentatively tried myself at lino print.

I still don’t have any decent ink so everything is rather blotchy and there is zilch detail possible. But it was fun, nonetheless.

lighthouse – lino print on card 3×5″

lighthouse – lino print on card 5×3″

I really like using colour inks for printing. I’m looking forward to going shopping for proper printing ink.

lighthouse – lino print coloured in on card 5×3″

Maybe because all the prints are less than perfect I enjoy experimenting with them that bit more.

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