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23rd of february – one old one new

February 23rd, 2011 at 19:45

Following yesterdays post I want to share another one of my old watercolour paintings from 2002.

Leo – watercolour 5″x6″ (12×15cm)
Finding this led me to paint another portrait today urban sketcher style -urban being the setting of the second painting.

shopping in Dun Laoghaire – watercolour 6″x6″ (15×15cm)

I’m much more critical of this one, there is something wrong with the chin/nose in this… Drawing people with watercolours is really nice though because the watercolour allows me to produce shading of features/skin. But anything multi-coloured is difficult for me. I started with duo tone, just the skin, hair and hood of the jumper and it was only later that I decided to add the upper body, backpack and bus. And then the skin colour was suddenly off, hmmm.

I had warmed up my paint brush and watercolour muscles before painting the above with a monochrome I copied from a postcard I have. I did this as an exercise because i love this kind of style, one colour, and simple strokes. This is my painting but not my design, the original is called chinese horse, I don’t know the name of the painter, sorry.


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