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2nd of march – urban sketching on another day-return trip

March 2nd, 2011 at 22:14

Today, I wanted to hook up with a good friend and that required another train journey. So I bought myself a day-return and was soon embarking on my journey traveling south. On the train, I picked a seat specifically suitable for another sketching session. I sat one seat row on from two ticket men who were chatting. There weren’t that many people on the train and there are at least 20 min between stops, so they had plenty of time to sit down and take a break. And I had about 5 minutes for my initial pen sketch before they both got up to do their rounds.

On the way back I painted again.

With the elderly lady I only painted a faint outline. Then I added colour to jacket, seat and face. Then I added more pen and finished off with paint. The colour around the mouth looks a bit weird in the photo, it’s not as distinctively red, runny looking. And the face lines are a bit crooked. Also the pen ran because the card was wet from the paint, but pen and paint is easier for me than just paint. I like these a lot moe thn yesterdays people sketches.

It was lovely to meet my friend, still, I can see myself buying train tickets just to do more painting, soon :-P

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One Response to “2nd of march – urban sketching on another day-return trip”

  1. Elsi Says:

    Hab mir schon Sorgen gemacht! Du scheinst viel unterwegs zu sein. Die Bilder gefallen mir, besonders das von Leo! Weiter so!!!

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