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8th of march – mall life sketching

March 8th, 2011 at 21:18

Today I decided to photograph all of the rest of my old watercolour paintings. I thought it would be a good idea just to document them and to capture them in digital format. I keep the originals as a loose bundle of papers in a big artist map shoved into a gap between the bookshelf and the wall upstairs in my workroom, seemingly forgotten, never to be seen again.

So now that I’ve become prolific (that’s what J said to me today) with my sketching and drawing, I might share the old ones, occasionally slipping then in under the radar, as I share my nearly daily urban sketching stuff.

This morning I met up with a friend in a café in a town about 20 min north from where I live. The café we met in is in a mall and while I was waiting for my friend to arrive, I sketched this group having a lively chat while drinking coffee.

The mall in this town is rather big considering the town is small and had a flourishing main street, that is until the mall was built and a lot of the local shops then went out of business.

The mall is a bright sunny place with all the shops on one/the ground floor, beautiful polished limestone floors, high ceilings with an amazing amount of natural light coming in through rows and rows of windows at the very top. Its lively, friendly place with people of all ages, there are plenty of seating areas throughout all along the main floor of the mall. It’s bustling with families many of which have small children, yo see many senior citizens and a lot of mothers with their small babies obviously out socializing.

This is my cue to insert one of the old paintings, a watercolour of Leo’s baby brother.

Ferinand – watercolour from a photograph (2001)
The mall has a food court on the second floor overlooking the main passage of shops. It makes for a great place to sit and sketch because you have a fantastic view of the people down below while sitting on comfortable sofa while the sun shines down on you from the skylights above.

I hate to say it, the mall is more relaxing and pleasant especially if you have small children as the main street with it’s narrow sidewalks and busy traffic is grimy and noisy. Having said that, I do think the old main street is pretty even in all it’s run-downness, like so many Irish small towns and I will most certainly revisit it, it being a waiting opportunity for more urban sketching.

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