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15th of march – pebble

March 15th, 2011 at 16:17

I’ve been closely following the news about the catastrophic events in Japan and am deeply disturbed by everything I read, hear and see. I am so sorry.
The instant destruction is shattering any sense of hope I can muster for the world that has been and now is whipped out.
And yet i know somehow things do go on, they have to, it’s not that anyone has a choice about that. I am overwhelmed by the heroic attempts of the people who go out and try to help each other, try to rescue and do their best and everything possible to prevent conditions getting worse. There are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons there who are giving everything for their people.

And I sit here, helpless, an onlooker, feel restless, lost. I picked up a pebble and carved into rock to quieten my mind and find a bit by peace in doing something.



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