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23rd of march – more spring bloom

March 23rd, 2011 at 21:58

Some days can be rotten days regardless of how much the sun is shining and how beautiful the world is around you. One of the best remedies I know is to focus on something beautiful, magnify the magnificent.

Sitting outside in the sunshine I pulled out my “I see” sketchbook and painted one of the Narcissus -daffodils growing in one of the pots at the back door.

back patio spring bloom – watercolour 6″x6″ (15×15cm)

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4 Responses to “23rd of march – more spring bloom”

  1. Amy Says:

    Love Daffodils! Hey… we on for a chat tomorrow morning?

  2. BarbaraB Says:

    I have one daffodil in my yard, too. But it’s been raining non-stop so I haven’t been out to look at it closely. I love how you’ve subtly shaded the inside of the flower. Beautiful color!

  3. forward tumble Says:

    thanks you two!
    wish icould pick you a bunch each for real!

  4. Skytimes Says:

    Ha… our birthday-flowers! Right for the beginning of spring there’s tons of them popping up here. And I got a bunch of them from my client today. They look lovely amidst the chaos of my place. Better go clean up and I’ll be in heaven.

    Enjoy those Osterglocken…. :)

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