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2nd of April – urban street life on Saturdays in Berlin

April 3rd, 2011 at 14:12

We went to Winterfeldt market on Saturday. It’s a very hip place, it seems to me a big part of the life there is about seeing and being seen, it was fun for us auslanders. I think we spent something like 2 hours just sitting there watching the world go by.


Both of these could do with some colour, I think.


2 Responses to “2nd of April – urban street life on Saturdays in Berlin”

  1. BarbaraB Says:

    These are really nice as they are, but you might splash a little color in selectively to emphasize certain parts that are especially meaningful or interesting to you.

  2. Ana Goncalves Says:

    It is truly amazing when that happens. Just sit and observe others going about their daily lives and appreciating all that is happening as it is. Your sketches are beautiful, and I feel they are as powerful as they are, even without color. A very happy creative every day. Enjoy Spring. :)

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