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26th of June – evening light

June 26th, 2011 at 20:17

We are gradually settling into our new home. It’s busy. We had the move, hassle to get some kind of internet connection and phone line and way too many repair and maintenance jobs to list here. I’m trying to get the garden sorted so that I can grow us some vegetables and hopefully even put up the poly tunnel again. But we’ve had really bad, cold, wet weather which is frustrating and pushes on ones spirits. In all of this hassle we had to learn to cope with the loss of our black cat, Morle, who died very suddenly of kidney failure leaving a big whole in our lives and hearts.

And this weekend marks the third year anniversary of our son’s death.

Life events happen and don’t care if you’re ready for them.

We’re doing good despite all the grief and challenges. Yesterday was one of the first good weather days in weeks and weeks and after a murky, foggy start today turned out lovely as well. Let’s hope this is the beginning of our overdue summer.
I spent much of today clearing away some more of the jungle that grows beyond our fence. I’m thinking of doing another water colour sketch as a plan for all the veggie beds I want to build… I hope to get back into my art work but for today all i have to show for is a photo. From the area in the garden, that I cleared today you get a lovely view over towards the Wicklow mountains.

evening light on the 26th of June


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  1. Amy Says:

    Hi Ines,
    Lovely photo. I hope Fionn’s anniversary day (never know what to call this day … do you?) is peaceful. ((((hugs)))

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