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2nd of November – just a doodle

November 2nd, 2011 at 21:18

Sat at my computer tonight trying to motivate myself to write my 1650 odd words for nanowrimo… I stared into the void (a very blank page/screen) and then just started to doodle on a sketch pad with a pencil. Nothing more, but nothing less either :-) .

The (phone camera) photo is somewhat out of focus because the lights were rather dimmed in my workroom.

Happy second day of AEDM!

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4 Responses to “2nd of November – just a doodle”

  1. Kara aka Mother Henna Says:

    I think the subject of your doodle is the creature meowing at my back door :) We have all these neighborhood kitties who just show up at the screen door of my office sometimes. They make my day. Happy day 2 of AEDM to you, too… and sending supportive vibes for the 1650 NANOWRIMO piece xoxooxoxo k-

  2. Julie Jordan Scott Says:

    I love your kitty. Such expressive eyes and a much better sketch than I could surely do!

    I am impressed that you are doing both NaNo and AEDM.


  3. amy Says:

    Nice doodle and good way to maybe (maybe?) break the writers block. While I did not officially sign up for AEDM I am trying to do sketches each day for the Sketchbook project.

    Hope you find your writing groove and go! Good luck!!!!

  4. forward tumble Says:

    Glad you all like my cat, though this cat isn’t for real, he just wandered into my head and hand and onto the paper and looked at me saying, what?

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