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4th of November – pencil sketch as an exercise

November 4th, 2011 at 9:15

Having spent very little time sketching, painting, writing, sculpturing in the last 6 months- I really have been busy doing everything except art! I feel a little bit rusty. So I decided to take it really slow again, today and start with a simple sketch as an exercise. I chose an image of the (pampas?) grass that grows and currently blooms on our front lawn to draw from.

Hope you enjoy the creative spirit of November, too. Thanks for visiting. As alway I invite you to comment to let me know you called and to read what you think.

PS I put this into my “I see” sketchbook I started using for AEDM2010.

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10 Responses to “4th of November – pencil sketch as an exercise”

  1. Dawn Says:

    This is a wonderful way to get your creative mojo going again. I bet you have been tremendously creative in the past 5 months, just in non-traditional “art” ways. I love this challenge because it also challenges the way we define art.
    Have a wonderful day

  2. tami Says:

    What a great way to ‘exercise’! My sketching is rusty too : ) So happy you are part of AEDM.

  3. Serena Says:

    I’ve been much the same over the past few months….not a lot of time for my art or sketchbooks. I’m hoping the AEDM challenge will help break the drought.

    Your sketch is lovely!

    Serena :)

  4. Nigel Says:

    Wonderfully delicate. Sometimes, simple is best :)

  5. Michelle Says:

    I feel a gentle breeze through the pampas. Happy AEDM :) .
    Stay inspired!

  6. Julie Jordan Scott Says:

    I love the movement in the grasses. Lots of energy in there, like that November breeze blowing across the pampas.

    I also love the slight smidge of green. That is exactly how the outdoors looks through my window today in Bakersfield, California.

  7. Natasha Says:

    This is a great way to flex those creative muscles and here I feel like you captured the life, the very essence of all you see…just beautiful

  8. Tracey Fletcher King Says:

    It is always good to ease in and this is a great sketch so I am looking forward to what you create as you get warmed up xx

  9. Kara aka Mother Henna Says:

    love love love it!! sketching is still my favorite thing to do … I mean love doing any kind of art, but I crave sitting in public spaces or out in nature and sketching! :) xxo’s to you! k-

  10. forward tumble Says:

    Thanks everybody for the compliments! It’s weird how different the start of AEDM is this year. It’s more quiet maybe because last year everything was bursting new, I really don’t know. It’s not less, just kind of silent.

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