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8th of November – footprint in stone

November 8th, 2011 at 13:32

touchstone – for Dennis

It’s just a little bit less than an inch in size, so it’s perfect for a trouser pocket. Then, I never know for sure what people do with the touchstones I design and make for them. :-)

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12 Responses to “8th of November – footprint in stone”

  1. Mlissabeth Says:

    You do beautiful work. I like the tiny footprint. I would use it like a worry stone.

  2. Michelle Says:


    Stay inspired!

  3. Gwen Says:

    You are clever. I am sure a touchstone provides huge amounts of comfort and joy, when the hand finds it.
    This one is so sweet!
    Gwen xx

  4. Ann Marie Says:

    This is so sweet and special. Love it.

  5. Dave Says:

    I love the footprint, it’s so evocative. What a beautiful symbol.

  6. amy Says:

    Beautiful as always and so cherished when received.

  7. Nigel Says:

    It’s beautiful, and such a different sort of art to most. love it :)

  8. Tracey Fletcher King Says:

    the footprint is just perfect and evocative… am forwarding on the link to my sister as I know she will love these also xx

  9. Kara aka Mother Henna Says:

    love love love, i say again, there needs to be a love button :)

  10. forward tumble Says:

    thank you all for your “lovely” comments. I enjoy making these and it’s quite a spritual/meditative experience as i usually think about and imagining the person who’s name I engrave on the back of the touchstone and i let that guide me through the work which in turn leads me to the designs I create for them.

  11. Amanda Says:

    Amazing work, this is lovely!

  12. forward tumble Says:

    Thank you very much for the compliments, Amanda. it’s nice to know others like my work.

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