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January 21st, 2010 at 21:45

Funny to think Jess mentioned the word slacking on her blog dabdab splodgesplodge, besides the fact that she isn’t/wasn’t, she made a new blog, using her body, her voice to create wonderful sound clips of poetry, she reads one of my poems, go and have a listen. Her voice is truly magical.

I’ve been thinking about creativity for the last couple of days and came across this lecture.

It’s 20 minutes, I’m posting it here because I think some of us dailies might feel the strain of wanting to post every day. I like the idea of the genie.

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the idea some people harbour that creativity can be linked with suffering and sorrow. Well, in my experience creativity can actually lead you out of a sorrow. It has helped me find a new voice, a new language which helps me to express a part of me that was silent. I don’t mean that in a literal meaning of the word, voice. I’ll stick to paint and canvas and rocks and driftwood for the time being. My ‘real’ voice?

Now I just wish my voice was as beautiful as Jess’.


2 Responses to “genie”

  1. Postcards from Wildwood Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this video, Ines. I enjoyed so much listening to what Elizabeth Gilbert has to say, and identified with much of it. Can't help wondering why Ruth Stone didn't just keep a notebook and pencil about her person (!) but certainly the concept of channeling wisdom and creative energy isn't new to me – and is something even I have experienced in my own very pedestrian way – and would like to experience more often! I've found this on the TED website and will definitely listen again, as well as see what other clips they have there. Thank you!

  2. Postcards from Wildwood Says:

    Hello Ines – me again. I just went over to Jess' blog to listen to her reading of your poem. Your words are powerfully moving and I'm so sorry for your loss. As for Jess' interpretation of it, it's beautiful.

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