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February 4th, 2010 at 8:00

Last year I built a poly tunnel in the back garden to grow my own vegetables. It was a great success and we were overwhelmed my the sheer quantities which can be produced from one or two little seed packs.

We would have harvested quantities like these at least once a week.

Growing your own food is rewarding, healthy and educational. You get in touch with the seasons, you realise dirt is something useful.
But I won’t elaborate about it here, I have a whole nother blog for that full of how-to instructions, pictures, experiences and bursting with our creativity of last year. February is the time of year when you start thinking about the new year. Growing starts in and around March. So there is very little to see just now. But there is a lot to do. You plant, shovel, prune, sow, clear, set straight, turn over…

I’ve decided to build a little box for my seed packs. You see, in order to have abundant produce over the year you need to keep an eye on when to sow seeds and tend to seed/plant in succession, so there is always something ripe, something to eat. I didn’t really do that last year, but as 2010 is my second year, I shall move my vegetable gardening to the next level. With the right bit of planning I might be able to have a better handle on quantities this year. So that’s why I’m gonna build a seed box as art of my creative everyday challenge, tomorrow. A home made box for my home grown vegetables.

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  1. Amy Says:

    Yikes, I had forgot with all the snow that is still on the ground that it is nearly time to select seeds and get them started! End of Feb is when I start the seeds indoors, although last year I was a bit late so the garden was behind.

    Spring, hurry it up please!

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