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February 4th, 2010 at 18:12

Today I went out to the shed and, well it wasn’t a pretty sight and the weather isn’t exactly inviting to spend any time outside. But I braved the elements and did a bit of a tidy. There was no need for a purge. The winter solstice bonfire sorted out much of the remnant stuff (all old wood off cuts), it took four hours of burning. I had to clear off the table saw so I can started on my seed box tomorrow (if the muse is right and if the weather is more agreeable).

And while I was moving boxes with bits and pieces of still useful creative potential or other bits of tools, screws, etc. I was reminded of Leah’s post about her clearing out her purse. I think a good few CED people are in a tidy-up mood with the beginning of our February home theme.

But I didn’t spend long out there, today is a better day for staying inside looking out.
After all why else would we have clear glass in our windows?

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