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wood carving – new project

February 6th, 2010 at 19:12

Update on my earlier post:

The driftwood is incredibly soft and slightly brittle but easy to work with because the fibres of the wood have become weathers by the elements. it makes the wood really easy to cut into. It’s quite remarkable.

I first carved the piece of wood just with the knife until I had a rough outline of the head. I then used my rotary tool on the initial finer features. It’s unfinished -no, this isn’t suppose to be a child’s head with a beard!

I took a photo suppressing the flash, holding the piece under the table light just before it started to go dark outside and it was too late to take a photo.

I’m a little bit tempted to leave it unfinished because I kinda like it at the moment. But that’s the challenge of carving… or applying paint to a white sheet or blank canvas. The balance between too little and too much is a fine line. It does need more work.

3 Responses to “wood carving – new project”

  1. Amy Says:

    Cool. I always liked the idea of carving wood into shapes, faces, animals…whatever the wood asks to be turned into.

  2. sara lee Says:


  3. Janice Says:

    I like it too. Very nicely proportioned. And it seems to me those breaks and thinking through what needs to be done are time well spent.

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