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February 14th, 2010 at 15:44

I’ve had a lot of thoughts about home and what makes my home my home and possibly also why I’m struggling with the home subject. But I’m still making art, well, I’m not sure it’s art, but I’m being creative.
I’ve spent the last three days making this key out of a piece of driftwood, and I thought, I’d open the doors again and let you share in some of the process. Thank you, J, for taking the action photos.

This is the piece I chose with a rough scratch/sketch of a key to be…

The first ruff cut was done with the knife.

I used a small drill to start the hole in the middle but then carved with the knife again to make it bigger.

I used the rotary tool to soften/smooth the surface with with the sandpaper drum bit (yay, new bit used!) and a metal bit to carve the teeth of the key.

The sanding made the wood much lighter and brought out the grain, an educated guess, this might be a piece of oak.

Driftwood is just beautiful to have, to work, to hold.

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2 Responses to “key”

  1. marina Says:

    how wonderful!
    and you are right, driftwood is just beautiful!

  2. Skytimes Says:

    Truly beautiful. I love what you create and to see the process where it’s done. Thanks for sharing! xx

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