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thoughts on home and the body

February 15th, 2010 at 13:27

We are suppose to have a power cut today, so I took out my bucket of modelling clay and started crafting. I’m working on an angel, a guardian angel. Maybe it’s not the thing to do, to be talking about a work in progress, and what I have in mind. But, well, it’s just the way it is today.

I have an image in my head of a woman statue with her arms spread with feathery wings on her back, I’ve started on the trunk, the front and my husband came in and smiled. And then he laughed and said “Well, that’s not exactly a home…”
And I replied “Sure it is, or could be. It could be the home of a baby.” But then while working on this piece I kept thinking and thought the body is a home sort of, isn’t it?

A home of a soul…
the body is home to a soul, to a spirit and in pregnancy it is the home to two (or more) souls for whatever time these souls hang around.

I’m having difficulty with the home theme because I never really thought about what makes a home a home.
We’ve had a lot of conversations about this in our house. Very quickly at the very beginning of this month’s theme I realised a home isn’t necessarily a house, though it can be.

I could describe home as a feeling of safety, a place to grow, to thrive, to rejuvinate, to recover, to rest, to eat, to sleep, a sanctuary. But it is a lot more to many people, a place to harbour possessions, a place to live an individuality one can not necessarily express in the crowd, a place for self-expression. If you’ve ever lived in an housing estate you might understand what I mean when I say people need to put their personal touch on where their live to make their home something they identify as their own, they need to express their individuality in the crowd. And we all do it, too. With our style, with our looks, with the colour we choose, the name plate, the plants we grow and so on.

Isn’t a home like an extension of the body really? A shell for the shells that holds the soul? And the ground we walk, the place we find ourselves in the home town, home county, home country just and extension of the world we share and live?

I have quarrelled with the ownership question. Do we own anything? I don’t think we do. I believe it’s more like a stewardship. We have been given the opportunity to hold and nurture and grow, this body, this land, this world.

Take good care, waste not. It is so precious. Make your here your home.

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6 Responses to “thoughts on home and the body”

  1. Tamara Campbell Says:

    Thank you…that was interesting to read…your thoughts on home and what that might mean…I realized as I was reading that I haven’t really thought about it a whole lot…

    I like the beginnings of your guardian angel…look forward to seeing it develop…I quite often talk about, blog about, photograph the steps of what I am working on…I love seeing how other people develop an idea…I know when I do it with my stuff, that it helps me to bring together all my bits of a piece into a more coherent (at least for me!) whole…it helps me to understand what and why I am doing…

  2. melissa Says:

    Your statue is beautiful! I love the idea of wings, I’ve been dreaming of winged swan women myself. I’ve been thinking a lot about home too this month, in terms of my heart home, my soul home. I’ve been seeing home as that place in life, both physically as well as what I’m doing in my life, that suits me best and then focusing on that vision and staying with it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on home. It’s one of those things that seems simple but is surprisingly complex.

  3. Amy Says:

    The statue is coming along beautifully! I also like the way you are thinking about “home”. Stretching the word to a wider and more complete meaning.

  4. Hybrid J Says:

    I like how you “stretch” the idea of home / body. And what a sensitive and insightful post you have written. Yes, the body is a form of home. I’d say the body housed our spirits / souls, which is the essence of our being. Thank you for sharing such wonderful thoughts. Would love to see the finished angel. I imagine her being a magnificent, powerful and loving.

  5. EVA Says:

    Beautiful statue so far! And as is!

    Home does get you to thinking doesn’t it? It is more than a house and can be a big expression of all of our creativity. The little choices we each make to create the “home” in our house or apartment. Even a hotel room can become a home with the right touch (or person) there. And for sure, our body can be a home, especially for us females, and for our souls.

    How to express it creatively though – ah! that is a challenge!

  6. Bobbi Says:

    I really like this post; very thoughtful and thought provoking.

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