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February 19th, 2010 at 11:50

Leah over at CED has posted some bird nest sketches which I just love, very simple, very nice. And SaraLee has posted a wood print of a hummingbird, also very, very nice. So I had to give the bird theme another go! And I have promised a stone carving to Slee and, well, I did this one thinking of both of them. Looking at it now, it looks very much the same as Slee’s wood print, not a copy but it could have been… And the circular rock?? Oh dear, tsstsstss.

The pebble is about half the size of the photo, so this is a close-up version of the original and this photo shows ever scratch off the actual intended line. There is nothing like scrutiny through a magnifying glass, eh?

I’ve had two very busy days with very little time to be creative in an artistic sort of way. But they were eventful days, nonetheless. Yesterday morning, you see, I purchased a new rotary tool. And it was a good buy, it’s brilliant!

The main improvement besides the obvious, it being shiny and new, is it comes with a stand and shaft. Now I really feel like a dentist!! And another good, improved feature compared to my old rotary tool the new one has a variable speed setting. And obviously I had to try it out, immediately! And again this morning, so now I have 5 new pieces of stone carving to show the bird being one of then.

The above touchstone with the celtic art is a gift for a babyloss mum, it has the child’s name carved into it on the back.

The next one is like the little hearts I did for the mother henna heArt swap, and a give-away to anyone who participated in the swap, didn’t get one but would like one, so just leave a comment if you want it.

The pebble on the heart touchstone is only about an inch across, so again this picture shows it bigger than the real thing.

All pebbles are different and it’s only when I start working on them I know exactly how easily they carve. Some rocks are much harder than others and as a result harder, more difficult to carve. The rock for this footprint one is particularly hard. It’s not that good. it was impossible to get the toes smooth and round, I wrote off my pointy bit instead, grumble. Because it’s a trial and error piece I decided to experiment with it and had a go at polishing for the first time. Again, the actual pebble is smaller in real life than in the photograph.

The last piece is a celtic circle art piece in a softer rock. I tried the polish but it is different again and doesn’t go to a shiny, near black but stays a sheen matt gray. But I think generally I prefer the unpolished ones.

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4 Responses to “birds”

  1. Amy Says:

    They are all so very nice! What a lovely little humming bird. I love those busy little birds and look forward to their arrival again this spring. I have been thinking about trying my hand at painting some birds too. The blue birds have been very busy lately and they are just so beautiful.

    The tiny hearts are sweet and the little footprints…oh so touching.

    You’ve been a busy lady!

  2. sara lee Says:

    OHHH!! They are all so beautiful Ines- these wonderful ‘pebbles’- um…bits of goodness and sweetness from nature. ( It is hard to type as I also talk with my hands and I want to use them to reach the proper word/description of them). Just so beautiful- I especially love the hummingbird!!
    I LOVE your new tool- and that it sounds like you having a really good time in working with it-
    The polished stone is lovely and it is very curious that they don’t all ‘react’ in the same way.
    A wonderful post!! Thank you!

  3. Skytimes Says:

    I Loooooove your carvings! (And I admire your new tool *thinking want one too*). I have a nearly finished hummingbird-mosaic that looks like it came from the same drawing than yours. Seeing that I feel like engulfing in a crafty weekend…

    Still hoping I receive one of your hearts at the art-swap. :)


  4. Curlsofred Says:

    the celtic touchstone is my favorite…lovely job on them all though.

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