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simple pleasures

February 21st, 2010 at 22:26

Cats, if you don’t like cats you might not appreciate the first picture I’m posting today. But you know, the thing is, cats, they can rule a home. I never was much of a cat person until our cats, one-by-one strayed into our house. They made our house their home and now they are part of our family, part of our home.

And they are entertaining and can teach you a few things about taking it easy, enjoying the moment.

Today, I spent a good bit of time in the garden preparing the beds for the spring sowing. It’s a slow process. I’ve been thinking about it every day for the last three weeks, doing it, getting it done is another thing all together. But today I finished weeding the second bed, added compost and hopefully I’ll start the sowing tomorrow.

And while I was out in the garden J started to cook the dinner that I had intended to make for tonight before I got stuck into doing the outside work. Calzoni. The dough was ready to go, it had risen. So J made the tomato sauce and we prepared the filling together when I came back inside (spinach, mushrooms, feta, red peppers). 20 minutes later we sat down for a lovely home cooked candle light dinner, calzoni and leafy green salad with tomatoes and parmesan cheese (I can post the recipe if anyone is interested).

It was wonderful, delicious and I enjoyed ever single bite, the texture, the smell, the taste, the look. It’s funny when you slow down and start to eat consciously with all your senses switched on. It was absolutely splendid.

I like that you can see my statue standing on the kitchen table in the background on the very left of the photograph.

The food pictures where taken with a macro setting and no flash, so the shutter speed was really long, the camera was sitting on the table so there was no wobble. Everything looks really bright but it was getting dark outside and there was only candle light. Maybe that’s why everything looks so very warm and rich.

But just to prove it, here a picture of the candle light.

I like this home theme. Today’s post was inspired by the words simple and pleasure.

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11 Responses to “simple pleasures”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Please post the recipe- it looks yummy!!!!

  2. AngieC Says:

    …must have recipe…


  3. Amy Says:

    Very yummy! Home cooked meals are such a simple pleasure aren’t they? Your kitty is adorable too, lounging in the sun as only a can can do!

  4. Ninnie Says:

    The food looks great. The kitty I love kittys. Mine takes that position quite often.

  5. heckety Says:

    Your photos are lovely, in fact they’ve made me hungry! Calzone is delicious and you’ve reminded me to make it again-thank you! We used to eat it on the last Friday of the month when we were at College- we looked forward to it all week! I’m a dog person myself but I totally agree that animals are important to us.

  6. Bobbi Says:

    Cats certainly do rule a home! I know mine can be quite bossy. That dinner looks yummy:)

  7. Bev Says:

    We have had our cat almost 18 years – they do have a way of taking over!
    Great shot of yours!
    The calzone looks delicious!

  8. Kelly Says:

    What a wonderful reminder to slow down and enjoy life!

  9. Janice Says:

    It looks a beautiful meal, Ines, and I agree with you about the simple, the slowing down, and the pleasures. And the cats, of course. We have just the dog now but the cats were definitely in charge when they were here!
    Janice. x

  10. sara lee Says:

    Awesome post Ines! I am so hungry now, for calzone and salad- I love your inspiration and the photos are super- such a warm, heart-full home. Thank you for sharing!


  11. Julie Says:

    I love my kittys too, your picture is so sweet.

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