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March 10th, 2010 at 8:56

In the last post I showed an image of the latest stone carvings I’ve done. I decided to make another one just for myself. So I picked a small, flat round pebble, small enough to fit into my pocket about the size of a larger coin, except a bit fatter. I wanted a touchstone that would keep me company while away and in hospital, a piece of my new life, a piece of home to bring when in need of comfort when faced with adversities and unexpected news. So I carved a circular pattern into the stone, similar to the circular swirl pattern you might have seen of some of my previous pieces. The swirl started in the centre of the stone and went all the way to the very edge. And it fit snug into the pocket of my jeans/denims. I didn’t take a photograph of my touchstone for I thought, sure I can just look at it, touch it. I don’t need a picture.

And while I was in hospital last week a friend came to visit and we went down to the cafeteria to chat. And I showed her my carving and we marvelled over the little token. And I played with it while we were talking… and then I got a phone call from the ward and had to rush back. And when I came upstairs to my room a little bit later I noticed my pebble was gone. I must have left it on the table in the cafeteria.

I did go back down and did ask if someone had found it. But it was gone. And this is where the strange thing happened. I wasn’t sad or upset. I thought of my pebble as going on its own big journey. Maybe someone else needed it more, a good luck charm, a token for good health and happiness. I don’t know where it went, I don’t know where life will make it go. But as it will be carried by a living being, life goes on. And my pebble will go on, for a long, long time. It is made from stone after all and pretty indestructible. The carvings are a sign of my love and caring for the bearer, for this world and for the touchstone. Farewell, my little treasure.


3 Responses to “journey”

  1. Amy Says:

    Glad you are back home now. All is well?
    That is a sweet story of your stone. I like to think it is on a journey too.

  2. Angie Says:

    Ugh, I missed that you were in the hospital. Sending you love, Ines.

  3. sara lee Says:

    Hey there- just trying to catch up- when were you in the hospital? I am so sorry that I have been out of the loop and missed this – am reading newer posts in hopes to catch up with you! I hope that you are well and that Spring has sprung where you are!

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