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woosh – my first attempt at using other senses

April 23rd, 2010 at 18:20

My favourite month of the year is nearly over. And it’s gone so fast, so many things have happened and I had so little time nor muse to be creative let alone post. One of my predicaments is my lack of a decent camera. You see, my camera is at home in Ireland with my husband. And due to the chaos that one volcano of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that happens to be above water (that’s the big factor here, there are volcanic eruption below water pretty much all the time. It was the dust that blew into the atmosphere when it blew up that causes the problem) has caused to European air travel, something we so take for granted these days until it’s taken away. Anyway, where was I, yes, my camera it’s not going to be in my mitts any time soon. So there is really very little to post about.

I am very visual when it comes to my art.

Here is what my software dictionary has to say about the word senses:

a faculty by which the body perceives an external stimulus; one of the faculties of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch

I’m just thinking what if I blindfold myself while painting a picture?
Or what if I try to capture how I would translate a piece of music by colour on a piece of paper? Many people express themselves through music by dancing… That’s creative, that’s art. For me art is fundamentally a way of expressing myself either it is something I dare to interpret and thereby translate into the language of Ines or it is a voice from within.

This morning I was thinking of singing a song, humming a tune or dancing a dance as part of the creative everyday challenge. A new thing all together… I’m sure I’d make a complete fool of myself :-)

I read another bloggers post somewhere else and she said she doesn’t feel creative because she doesn’t paint, craft etc. And I was tempted at daring her to give it a go with a brush or something similar, besides the fact that she is very, very creative for she write beautifully. And then I though, no. I can’t do that. When the time comes she will find her way if that’s the way it’s suppose to be…
And now I’m thinking. I don’t do music or anything else audio. What if I dare myself to do something audio as part of this challenge? Anyone of you dominantly visuals care to join me? an end of month mini challenge?? Do something creative with your other senses involving either movement and/or audio. I dare you.

I’m in. Please join me. Or just come back and laugh, I don’t mind.

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One Response to “woosh – my first attempt at using other senses”

  1. Cameron Says:

    Thank you so much for stopping by the ol’ Blog and entering my Giveaway! I set a goal of 10 entries…and met it….had some wonderful new visitors like yourself, come by….so, I’m just so excited by the whole thing!!

    How cool that we share birthdays! Do we share the year, too, I wonder? :) (1973)
    I’m sorry to hear yours was spent in the hospital………nothing serious, I hope. I’ll send you a stream of good thoughts :)

    I applaud you for keeping yourself busy creatively. It does take work to find the time to do so….but, when you do, it feels soooo good…sooo satisfying….and, no, it need not be just visual (though, I tend to lean that way, also)…. Hearts and minds are very complex and capable of feeling and relating in so many planes!

    I’ll be sure to check back to see what you come up with :)
    All my Best,

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