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April 26th, 2010 at 13:30

I’m slowly starting to use the idea of harnessing more than one sense, appreciating the richness of all my senses, using my conscious presence to do exactly that when living the day-to-day life.

One of the most beautiful aspects of spring for me is the instant expansion of my daily life environment. Now, as every day goes by I increasingly live outdoors. For months the windows remained shut, the door closed. Curtains were drawn to keep the heat in. Lights were switched on to allow me to do my chores, create my art, living a good part of the day by artificial lighting to extend the short day light hours.

With my senses switched on I cherish my outside time even more. I sit on the balcony of the apartment I’m staying in, for many hours every day. I hear the sounds of the city (albeit suburban but still a lot more “noisy” compared to home) a feel the wind on my skin, I register the change of temperature as the sun disappears behind a cloud. I feel the thirst caused by my body’s exposure to heat, wind, weather. I’m hungrier with all the fresh air.

I’ve changed the furniture around. I’ve moved the small table from inside to the outside. I’m facing the world, the table is standing at the banister. I think, write, talk (on the phone), read, rest, paint, eat, drink, sit, lie, exercise outside.

I feel, I see cloud
I hear, I see an eagle soaring the sky
I smell, I see the rain cloud approaching
I taste, I see my home cooked food
I look, I see the green colours of early spring

I am alive, I live, I am


P.S. On the menu: salmon fried in buttered herbs with creamed spinach and potatoes served with a side salad (lambs lettuce, tomato and feta cheese – just in case you were wondering) and to drink… black currant juice mixed with still water (1:3 ratio)

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