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bliss – sailing

June 9th, 2010 at 18:18

I’ve painted another ATC today. The other three I painted went in the post today. I liked those and it’s nice to give away things you would also really like to keep.

So I painted myself another one, as you can see this one has two boats on it and no beach/land in the foreground.

I love sailing, I miss it. It is a special kind of bliss you experience when you’re out at sea and your racing along and the only thing that propels you forward it a bit of canvas hung in the breeze. It is really windy here today, the perfect day for a sailing trip.

One Response to “bliss – sailing”

  1. gemma Says:

    Such nice summery ATC’s.
    After scrolling back through I must say:
    I love the various ways you paint water.

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