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bliss – house at the sea

June 11th, 2010 at 17:10

I’ve lived at or near the sea for the past 18 years. One of my first houses was called Finisterre – land’s end. I used to carry my kayak on my shoulder and walk the 20 m down to the sea front and go paddling. It was wonderful. You’d frequently see seals and porpoises in the water, I love the sky and the wind and the waves and the view of land from the water.

It’s gone quiet on the water sports front. Three years ago I spent two days a week sailing, weather permitting. But I haven’t done anything since.
Now I live in a house with a big garden near the sea, maybe 5 min drive to our beach, it is a very, very quiet beach, there is hardly anybody going down there. You might meet one or two other people out walking their dogs usually. A very good friend of mine came down to see me yesterday. And we did go down to the beach together. It i a lovely treat for city folk that comes down to us “country people”. J and I made a very deliberate choice a good few years ago to live in the sticks. We have no neighbors except for the cows in a minimum of lets say a 400 m radius. It’s quiet, yes. But it’s wonderful to live where other people spend their holidays.
It’s strange that we go down to the beach so little. But that’s the way it is, isn’t it? When it’s nothing special, as in everyday you kind of get used to it sometimes.

But then again, no. I love where we live I cherish it every single day, the beauty of the early summer fields, the gorse bushes in full bloom, the wind swaying in the long grass, the big skies and the big clouds, the swallows storming the skies, the space to grow my vegetables.

The weather and waves down at the beach were wild yesterday! I so wanted to surf again. But my friend doesn’t surf so I just sat and watched the waves with her. It was beautiful.

Today I doodled – for lack of better words, for this isn’t exactly anything much more than a ink scribble coloured in with water colours. But it’s a little place I imagine and like. A little house at the sea. Waiting for the waves.

finisterre - atc ink and watercolour


J came to my room a minute ago and showed me this wonderful little film he found on di.gg. I just love it. And it so fits my mood at the moment! And it also happens to be a brilliant little film, such simple means, so super cool and brilliantly done.

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