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bliss – summer evenings

June 15th, 2010 at 19:25

I’m spending hours and hours in the garden at the moment (my gardening blog is here) and there is very little time to do anything else. I am creative everyday. And what I’m doing is even a little bit crafty for I build a lot of raised beds (out of bits of wood I find in the random collections of old building material in the corners of our garden and shed). But there is very little planning it’s more seat of the pants kind of constructions and gardening, typical me. I work through a sheer abundant amount of seedlings finding/building/digging vegetable patches anywhere that takes my fancy. Intuition? I don’t know. J says my patch looks incredibly orderly but there is nothing planned regarding layout or anything.

I don’t get to blog much, I work until late at night and I’m loving it. A few days ago I harvested shallots. As with all onions when you harvest them you need to dry them either by tying them into crafty braids or if you do it like me, I separate the green stem part (to be eaten like scallions) from the onion and laying those out on racks to let them dry. I was doing this after sunset on the back patio with the cat closely inspecting my work.

I’m blissfully happy.

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  1. Skytimes Says:

    I can see the bliss radiating from the photos. Glad to hear your gardening is giving you so much happiness. Just catching up on blogs I missed, just about to pop over to check on the poly tunnel. Sending big loves! xoxo

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