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a month later – a new theme

July 20th, 2010 at 21:39

Hello fellow bloggers, creatives, visitors, artists, friends

it’s been nearly a month without a post anywhere – on any of my blogs. I’ve been missing – missing in action, not blogging much that is for sure. I’ve been incredibly busy, mostly gardening, a little bit of painting, a tiny bit of admin, a few days down and out with being ill, some time spend entertaining and hosting some travelers, some traveling myself… and a month has gone by in a blink of an eyelid. It is summer and I expected it to be like this (minus the unplanned events that came rolling in, life doing it’s thing, throwing a few challenges in to keep you even more busy and on your toes).

As with every month’s challenge I want to spend some time musing about the subject before I start letting it work it’s way into my creative work. But this month’s theme – life – is very special to me and deserves at least a little bit of thinking and musing and writing. And so I will hopefully get a moment to blog a little bit about what the word triggers and brings to my consciousness. But for today I just want to share the very few fruits of my creative work with you.

A few weeks back I painted some ATCs for a little art swap I took part in with some online friends and I’m really saddened by the fact that all three of them got lost in the post/mail somewhere between our village post office and their destinies. Unbelievable. Maybe they are floating somewhere in the Atlantic… I liked them very much and am sad to think of them as gone. So I sat down and painted some very similar ones. My second attempt at posting them will be before the weekend.

The first two are nearly the same as the original ones.

The third one is a little bit different from the original, I used different colours and changed the image a little bit, after all no two journeys are ever the same :-)

And then I painted another two cards because I want to swap a little bit more and asked another friend to swap with me a few days ago.

komischer Vogel – funny bird – I have absolutely no idea where he came from, he just jumped onto the paper and started to walk around on those spindly legs.

racing swallows
We have a lot of swallows here in Wexford, they are storming the skies and I could spend hours watching them. They are so graceful and fast and acrobatic.

All ATCs are water colour and water colour pencil on water colour paper.

There is another ATC which I’m still working on. It shows a gardener in her garden, and gardening is very much all about life and so I’ll post about that one very soon.

Would anyone like to do another ATC swap with me?

Thank you for stopping by. :-)

3 Responses to “a month later – a new theme”

  1. Amy Says:

    I’ve been thinking so much of you, wondering how you’ve been. I’m glad your back, at least for a bit.
    I love the swallow card. LOVE it! I am entranced by things that fly, particularly birds. I will swap with you again if I can request the lovely swallow card!!!!
    I’ll be late for work now if I don’t get off the computer. Have a lovely day.

  2. Skytimes Says:

    What a bummer the ATCs got lost. I can’t help to think of what you told me one time… maybe it was their time to move on to wherever. I imagine someone finding one at the beach… washed up but still pretty. Make someone’s day.

    My answering machine just told me a few minutes ago, that you had called from the beer-garden. Thanks machine, only 2 weeks late. Might me time for a new one, eh?

    Hope summer treats you well. Wish I could be doing some gardening as well. At least i can volunteer as a garden-slave at my friend’s place. Enjoy the greenery! Sending a big hug before I shut up and dive back into the mountain of work I have in front of me. xoxo

    PS: Der komische Vogel ist total süß!! And I adore the swallows too and love watching them zoom by my window.

  3. forward tumble Says:

    I posted that one to someone else Amy, sorry! But there could/will be more and yes to another swap. Maybe Petra wants to join in and possibly others too?


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