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life – creation

July 21st, 2010 at 21:32

A friend of mine read me a children’s book a few weeks ago, I can remember neither author nor title*. The story is about creating the living things in the world and how butterflies were created and it’s about a group of young creators facing adversity and disbelief from the older more senior creators about being able to create a creature beautiful like a flower and also able to fly like a bird. And these creators draw what they wish to create and then it comes to life… Anyway, today I painted funny bird’s friend. And that story came back to mind while I was painting.

komischer Vogel’s Freund – funny bird’s friend

I also painted another ATC of racing swallows for another possible swap.

And I finished the ATC I mentioned yesterday.

gardener’s secret

All are water colour on water colour paper. Somehow the colours appear a bit dull in the photos on my screen, it could be because my camera does better when/if I take pictures in natural light and not with a flash… But then you’d have to have waited until tomorrow with getting this update and we can’t have that :-P

*I’ve since searched and found the book online, Gio.conda be.lli’s the butte.rfly wor.kshop.

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One Response to “life – creation”

  1. Janice Says:

    Hello Ines,
    After writing to you this morning I have now received your lovely swallow ATC and have it here on the desk in front of me. It’s lovely – thank you! As are all your little paintings. I’m so sorry to hear all your previous lot got lost in the post. Better luck this time. At least mine arrived, but it probably didn’t have as far to go as the others. As soon as I saw the ATC I thought of the saying ‘One swallow does not make a summer’, and you have given me three swallows which presumably does make a summer, so I’m hoping our fine weather will continue, with just enough rain (at night time!) for the plants to flourish.
    I’m pleased to hear the Bloom ATC arrived promptly and that you’re happy with the one I selected.
    Thank you!
    Janice. x

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