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January 4th, 2010 at 22:50

touch / acrylic on wood 3″x3″ (8×8 cm)

eyes – see
hands – hold
hearts – beat
fingers – touch

I thought this would be easy, the art part. But it isn’t. So, I confess, this was done in a rush. Again, I couldn’t wait for the paint to dry… hence the shine of the flash on the paint and the slight blur around the edges… But the idea is there and certainly open to explore. I have a whole load of ideas down this lane.

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2 Responses to “fingers”

  1. organicsyes Says:

    Love the shine…the bright, shiny newness!

  2. angie Says:

    I think it is cool, Ines. Totally get where you are going with it. xo

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