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September 1st, 2010 at 22:09

This month’s theme is water. I have a lot to do with and around water. There are water colours for one. Then I did a painting of a wave not to long ago and then there are boats and water on ATCs and mugs and more. But I begin to ask myself were else is their water in my creative work?

Well, all of my gardening involves water and watering is very, very time consuming and yet also creative part of every day for me. So water is an easy theme in many ways to integrate into my creative challenge for it is an essential part in my work every single day. I think it is nice to just even become aware about how water is used in our life, creativity, bodies, in this world, where it comes from and to recognize and I suppose to appreciate it’s presence near enough everywhere. And water in itself is incredibly creative and I make use of this natural product in my work with beach pebbles and driftwood from the sea.

there is a lot of water in my creative work. Let’s see if I can do a daily post on this month’s theme… but today is nearly over, and so today my contribution to the CED is tiny.

Meet Bob:

Bob – water colour and ink ATC

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