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September 20th, 2010 at 6:23

I follow a blog that sets a challenge every couple of weeks. Somehow I don’t mange to keep up with the challenges themselves but trail behind quite a bit and often don’t get to paint the images at all. I think now that the harvest is in I will get more time do do all the lovely things like painting, sculpturing, crafting.

Today I just want to post the ATC number #2 I painted:

(Sorry about the poor photo quality)

3 Responses to “flower”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    It is sometimes hard to keep up with all the things we want to do… how true for me too. Great that you posted this flower against the blue sky. I’m going over to your other blog now to have a look :)

  2. melissa Says:

    I feel like I’m constantly running in place. It’s only when I look back and see the accumulation of all the stuff I’ve created that I think wow, that’s a lot of stuff! I like your flower radiant but peaceful.

  3. forward tumble Says:

    very much so, it is one of the reasons why I enjoy blogging because it keeps a record of what I’ve done let it be in the garden, how I deal with things or what I painted and crafted.

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