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September 23rd, 2010 at 21:58

Ok, I’m seriously stuck in a creative rut. I am trying to get away from the insects, though they are pretty and easy to draw. But every time I venture away from them, I come back to the dragonflies and butterflies for I don’t like any of the other stuff I’m trying to draw/paint on my homemade paper. Actually I painted another 2 ATCs on regular paper which went out in the post today, but they just flowed easily, I didn’t have to think too much about them, they weren’t very experimental really.

This homemade paper is the project I’m stuck on at the moment and I probably would be better off stepping away from it. But I want to paint, I want to draw, I want to create. I want to master this new material, unsealed paper. I like the ATC format because it’s so easy, nearly casual to express yourself on these little card size “canvases”. But will power isn’t everything and I am beginning to think it isn’t anything. I think sleep would be good or even the opposite, something seriously physical. Dance? Physical work in the garden? What about all that talk about water at the beginning of the month? Pebble carving? Photography? Splashing paint?

On a side note, J and I are (ad)venturing down the road of homemade country wines and managed to splash blackberry juice all over our kitchen ceiling, makes for an interesting new home deco, does that count as H2O expressing itself art? LOL

So, today’s post, I think it just features a good bit of rambling and a not so good bit of creative muse. And we’ll leave it at that and hope tomorrow will be a fresh start kind of day.

dragonfly – oil pastels on homemade paper ATC

I just love the texture of the surface in the above photograph. The little bit of yellow is a petal I had put into the water pulp mix when I was making the paper.

butterfly – ink on homemade paper ATC

I tried out my new coloured pens in the above ATC. The varnish I use for the background can bring out strange shades in the paper, it’s really interesting. I like the patterns that are created by the varnish on the texture of the paper.

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  1. Amy Says:

    The butterfly is beautiful! And just so textured on your homemade paper. Very nice!

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